Thing of the MOMENT

Can't get enough of these Betsey Johnson earrings.  For some odd reason, I'm stuck on studs...haha that sounded funny.  But really....they practically screamed my name.  The majority of her stuff is a little loud for my taste, but these are quite perfect.  There's a necklace in her current line of jewelry.....couldn't get that right now.  She's a bit high on the prices....don't you just love paying for a brand name?!


My FIRST Bride..

While the title is self explanatory, I figure I'll give a few details.  This is the lovely Rachel...she was daring enough to be my first run at bridal portraits.  Her mother, older sister, and two girl friends were all present.  Made it quite the challenge, but after all was said and done....we had a great time.  The photos turned out amazing and she was completely satisfied.

Can't thank you enough Rachel.  Your wedding was beautiful and we had a blast. 


Market of Farmers

I was bored and went to the Farmers Market to buy plants.  Talked myself out of it and took pictures of all the food that Jamie won't eat.  Kidding, but really....the fruits and veggies are amazing.  If you live near one, you should definitely go out there....it's supporting your local farmers and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg.  :)

The lady with the peaches was not my biggest fan.  Her husband might have been though.  


Flowers on a Friday

Who doesn't love flowers?  All those girls that say..."I don't really like flowers...they die anyways".....They're lying.  All of them.  Unless they're allergic, which in most cases, they are not.  

Jamie surprised me with flowers at work on Friday.  Perfect way to finish up a long day.  I couldn't ask for a better husband....or best friend.  

I love you, I love you, I love you.